Glow Designer Wigs 

I was born and raised in the Chicago land area and pursued an education in the Hair and Hair Color industry, becoming more and more dedicated to helping women feel better about the way they look.

As I aged and got older with my clients, I learned how to assist women experiencing different stages of hair loss. Some cases I encountered were mild and others more severe. There were women due to aging, hormonal changes, medication, chemotherapy treatment, and menopause, were noticing their hair was thinning or their hairlines were receding… Due to different circumstances, I had clients who were experiencing complete hair loss, Some situations were temporary others were permanent. I believe most women would agree that losing their hair is a BIG DEAL! 

 My expertise in hair design has been of great benefit to each of my clients, especially when it comes to knowing just the right shape and color that best complements an individual’s features and skin tones.
In 2013, I sought out training in the custom designing of alternative hair. I now cut and shape designer wigs to look and feel the most natural for each individual’s personal needs. It’s naive to think a wig can be a one-size-fits-all type of headpiece. They are not hats! Every person needs to be individually fitted. Most alternative hair needs to be shaped to enhance the natural look of the wig on each and every person. This is true even of wigs that are pre-cut and pre-styled.
Glow Designer Wig is unlike any other wig store, wig shop, or wig boutique in the Tucson area, my clients receive a full, “Start-to-finish” service in a private, peaceful, and professional studio setting. Every woman gets a personal “one-on-one” COMPLIMENTARY consultation.

Together, we find a beautiful, natural-looking, and comfortable hairpiece that best fits your needs. In my studio, I have a wide variety of designer-styled wigs, all of which have up-to-date styles, gorgeous colors, and beautiful highlights. I provide Designer wigs, partial hairpieces, Toppers, and wonderful customer service all here in Tucson. Women DO NOT have to settle anymore for poor quality, improperly sized caps, and outdated looks!  Glow wigs specialize’s in; fine hair, thinning hair, and hair loss from chemotherapy.  I have had the privilege of helping and providing many wigs for cancer patients of all ages. I help turn frowns into smiles. I have assisted many clients in acquiring insurance reimbursements for their new hairpieces

My passion has always been to help women feel pretty. I’m a firm believer that “beauty starts from within. It’s an inside job.” However, sometimes, we can use and appreciate a little help with our outsides. 
So, if you or someone you know is experiencing hair loss Glow Designer Wigs in Tucson can help. We Are Tucson’s premier wig shop for quality, variety, and professionalism.