Thanks so much for your kind words. We enjoyed seeing you too...you are so refreshing! I am wearing my silver shade wig today and have received two compliments on it while walking our dog. They are used to seeing me with chemo caps on and know it is a wig but said no one would ever know it wasn't my hair! I really like the shaping and trimming you gave both wigs. Take care and thanks again....you are a pro!
I have been contemplating a wig purchase for a couple of years but never got the courage to make the call. It's a big decision, something that those that don't have a problem with their natural hair have trouble understanding. I finally made the call and got a wig completely different from my natural color and style. My hair is short and white and I got a longer salt and pepper. What a difference, a big Wow! Marcy was so understanding yet completely professional and showed me the perfect wig the first time. She just knows what is right for you. And it was. I was going out of town on Thursday and she put in the order (she didn't have it in stock because of the color) on Monday, and I had my "hair" on Wednesday. You can't ask for better customer service than that. I've got beautiful hair now. It has been years since I have been able to say that! Thank you Marcy.
I would just like to thank you for doing what you do... For Jennifer, it wasn't just about "getting a wig"... She now has her sense of femininity back... She's been through so much and to see that smile on her face yesterday was priceless... I would like to personally thank you for such a great experience... I will definitely come to you for my hair maintenance and recommend your services to everyone else... Thank you... You are very appreciated... 🙂
While visiting Arizona and my family, I came to Glow Wigs to get a wig for my mother who is not able to travel. Although I understand that it is far more challenging to make recommendations for someone who isn’t present, Marcy was extremely helpful and spot on with her suggested wig. My mother is so very pleased and has been receiving countless compliments. I can’t thank Marcy enough. If we ever need another wig, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
I recently lost a great deal of hair due to illness and medication. I had been wearing hats but never felt that I looked good in them. I told my daughter that I was considering getting a wig and had been looking online to order one. She did some research and told me that if I was serious about a wig I must check out Marcy's website as this looked like the only way to go. I sent Marcy an email and received an immediate phone call. I made an appointment and my daughter took me. Marcy's private salon was easy to find using her good directions and so comfortable. She made us feel right at home and spent quite a bit of time helping me find the right size, style, and color for me. The wig I chose had to be ordered to get the right color but came in less than a week. Marcy spent time styling the wig to my face and teaching me how to put it on and to care for it. Yes, it cost more than ordering from an online shop but the outcome is more than worth the difference. The private salon and the individual care were so valuable to both my daughter and me. Thank you Marcy for providing such a setting and wonderful service.
Marcy is delightful, talented, and knowledgeable in her field. She creates magical transformations in her warm and lovely studio, giving women the invaluable gift of self-confidence.
The most amazing service ever. It was a wonderful experience. The young lady named, Jamie that helped me, was pleasant and after talking to her, she knew exactly what I was looking for. If you're looking for a beautiful and natural-looking wig, Glow Wigs is where you need to go. You will not be sorry. Thank you Glow for making what could have been a stressful situation so easy.
Although we arrived without an appointment, Marcy was warm and welcoming. We found a wig for my daughter that was very close to her natural color. I strongly recommend Glow Wigs. My daughter left with a smile on her face and my heart was lighter. Thank you Marcy for your caring warm spirit.
You do not have enough stars to share about Glow Wigs. Five stars is a pittance compared to what she deserves. I would give her a hundred in a heartbeat. My husband and 29 year old son came with me over two years ago for my first visit & their input was sweet & helpful. While the owner was professional and extremely caring, she did not try to sell me any products I would not NEED. I felt completely comfortable after spending an hour in her salon. She also shared several inspiring stories of clients who had survived breast cancer, as her expertise in helping women with cancer is unparalleled for a salon owner. She has been in this business over 20 years. You can trust this woman to help you make the right decisions for YOU. God Bless her God bless you on your journey. Prayers for you all.
Marcy took amazing care of my Mom, who now looks and falls FABULOUS in her wigs! Then, she gave me the best haircut I’ve had in years! Great lady, great products, lovely lovely place. Feels like a good friend looking out for you and helping you look your best!
I was experiencing hair loss and with already thinning hair it was very frustrating. I made an appointment and was amazed at how wonderful this experience was. (No relationship even though my last name is Glow) I don’t think you can find a more professional, quality line of wigs and hair pieces anywhere. Marcy was great and extremely knowledgeable-I highly recommend this establishment.
This one-on-one experience revolutionized the way I feel about my hair. Marcy has such a wonderful, warm spirit that made the service as great as it was. 10/10 would recommend!
After years of looking for something comfortable and natural looking, Marcy hit the spot. She takes the total person into account when making recommendations. Professionalism above and beyond! If the compliments I have received count, she rates a 10.
I recently had an extremely joyful experience regarding the purchase of a wig at Glow Wigs in NW Tucson. Let me explain. My background includes in 2005 and 2006 (in Atlanta, GA) I developed a very serious health condition which resulted in my decision to wear a wig in order to improve my self esteem. At that time I was purchasing a well known designer wig from a well know website at @$150.00 each. Although I did have a hair stylist in Atlanta who cut the wigs I purchased there, I never had a custom fit nor did I receive “wig” knowledge. Upon moving to Tucson several years ago, I found it difficult finding a source to trim the wigs I had purchased on line. Once I did find sources, they later declined the service due to liability purposes. During my Tucson Internet research the site that surfaced where I was most impressed with was Marcy Poreda at Glow Wigs. Her website sold me when I saw a picture of many different wigs of all styles, lengths and colors displayed on the shelves in her salon. I called and made an appointment with the intent to have her fix my current wigs along with being open to selecting a wig from her wide variety of stock. Her comfortable studio is extremely private and very professional. We had an initial consult and she suggested a variety of wig styles and colors to try on. Since I have had a history of wearing wigs for the past 9 years I had a pre-conceived notion of what I wanted based on what I had purchased in the past. Marcy explained fit, wig construction, color and style to compliment your face shape. After trying on various wigs, it was immediately apparent that I no longer wanted to fix my old wigs – I wanted to purchase Marcy’s. She has multiple sources for her wigs and she styles them according to your preference and needs. Yes, I did spend a bit more at Glow Wigs, however when I take into consideration the mass produced wigs I was buying on-line that did not last, restocking charges if you return the wig due to style or color, there was no comparison to the quality. Marcy is not a hard sell. She softy steers you in the right direction based on her twenty-five years of experience. Although she offers additional services (permanent makeup and eyelash extension) which I have yet to use, I am certain you would be satisfied. If you wish to go forward with confidence and self esteem when wearing a wig that looks natural, Marcy is your contact.